"Of the scent of beetroot and the people who live forever" is another short film collaboration with Petra Stipetic and my graduation film from the University of Kassel. In this film real live interviews clash with a fantastic world in which a scientist has found "the cure to death" within the scent of the beetroot. The concept of the world was loosely inspired by the book "Jitterbug Perfume" by Tom Robbins.
The characters within the story are all based on interviews that we held with people during the pandemic. Through them we try to capture the feeling of living in an eternal world in which any change seems meaningless and impossible.
35. Filmfest Dresden - National Competition (GER) 2023, Fest Anca International Animation Festival (SVK), Anibar (XK), BLON (LTU), Flipbook 2023 (MKD), dokumentART 2023 (GER), Filmfest Weiterstadt (GER), Animateka 2023 (SLO), Bit Bang (ARG), Dokfest Kassel 2023 (GER), Interfilm Berlin 2023, FAB 2023 (GER),  Experimental Film Guanajuato 2023 (MX), Contis Film Festival 2024 (FR), 17. LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International (GER)
"Prädikat wertvoll" by the official German film and media rating agency                                                                                
Goldener Herkules | Dokfest Kassel 2023
Nomination | Hessischer Film- und Kinopreis 2023 for 'Best Graduation Film'
1st Mention International Graduation Short Film Award | BitBang Festival 2023
Golden Horseman Animated Film National Competition - Special Mention | 35. Filmfest Dresden 2023                                            Golden Horseman Sound Design - Special Metion | 35. Filmfest Dresden 2023                                                                                                    Studio Filmbilder Preis 2023 
Concept | Direction | Animation - Maren Wiese und Petra Stipetic
Sounddesign | Mix - Christian Wittmoser
Music - Thomas Höhl
3D Animation - Yannick Stark
Background Coloring - Henrike Büsser
Tikhon Federov - Moritz Kienemann
Grandma  - Marina Kalmykova
Little Tikhon  -  Oskar Fröhlich
Butterfly  -  Fabian Mankat
News Anchor 1  -  Maren Wiese
News Anchor 2  -  Stephan Dorn
Perfume Voice Over  -  Petra Stipetić
News Anchor 3  -  Shoko Hara
Serial Killer  -  Felix Kramer
Telemarketer  -  Gesa Bering
TV Show Host  -  Stella Lennert
Weatherman  -  Benedikt Grubel
Dominik Ferenczi | Christina Günther | Verena Kern | Richard Kröger | Axel Menzebach | Georgina Mowwe | Stephanie Oetzel | Niklas Reuse 
produced by Dokfront GbR | funded by  HessenFilm und Medien GmbH
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