"Sara" is a short animated film about childhood friendships and letting go of the past. I made the film as a submission the the annual "classic clip" competition held in Kassel. After creating a first draft of the animatic that was a pretty shallow interpretation of the music, I decided to scrap everything I had already planned for the project and started anew. I wanted to make the film personal but without a clear narrative and decided to add together a collection of small moments that mean a lot to me but might mean something completely different to everyone watching the film. I found that the melancholic sweetness of the music represented well the feeling that I had thinking back on memories of my childhood and teenage years and that is where I drew my inspiration from.
It won the first prize at the classic clip competition Kassel, Germany in 2016.


Kasseler Dokfest 2016
 KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2016
MONSTRA | Lisbon Animated Film Festival 2017
Platzhirsch Festival Duisburg OINK! Autokino 2019

Design | Concept | Animation - Maren Wiese
Music - Ragna Schirmer - Concerto B-Dur op. 7,1 by Georg Friedrich Händel
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