Gesa Bering and Stephan Dorn address the question of holistic order in their theatrical essay. Is it possible to archive the world? Completely and without gaps? Is it possible to retell the whole of history - not just the part that winners have written - in full? To completely and definitively tame all phenomena, ideologies, philosophies, religions, all things, sciences and arts between two book covers? All people, the entire animal and plant world? Stephan Dorn has done just that. His life's work, the book "Ordnung" (Order), is perfect. It is an encyclopaedia, a guidebook, an instruction manual. The world is hereby explained. Almost. Only one good last sentence is missing and, of course, a point. 
Concept | Direction | Performance | Text - Gesa Bering and Stephan Dorn
Stage Design | Costume Design - Annatina Huwiler
Animation | Graphics - Maren Wiese
Mapping - Jost von Harleßem
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