Talented musician Dominik Bär approached me and my collaborator Petra Stipetic in 2018, asking if we could animate a music video for his song "NAURU". It tells the story of the real world island Nauru and its struggle to keep a sustainable balance under the pressures of modern day capitalism and globalisation. For our interpretation of the story we designed a living island that eats itself bit by bit until it is no longer able to stay afloat. The cangoroo like creature that sweeps the island up in the end is a reference to the australian government taking advantage of Naurus poor economic situation in order to instrumentalise the island for their own gain.
Fest Anca (Music Video Award) 2019
TimeShare: A Night of Screenings 2019
Music Shorts Film Festival 2019
15th International Animation Festival of Brasil - Anim! Arte 2019 (BRA)
Animation | Concept - Maren Wiese & Petra Stipetic
Music - Dominik Bär
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